PSN Structure

Four young adults giving a thumbs upThe Project Safety Net Director works with co-leads (PAUSD and City staff) and the Leadership Committee to implement the strategic plan and provide day to day management of the PSN collaborative. The Director leads in effecting positive relationships and communications among PSN partners and other participating organizations and individuals, youth organizations, and within the City and PAUSD to realize the mission of Project Safety Net.

Leadership Committee: Co-leads PSN collaborative efforts in conjunction with the PSD Director, PAUSD and City staff. Takes part in big decision making and adds capacity to guarantee the implementation of the new strategic plan.

Mental Health Committee: Provides knowledge and expertise within mental health related areas, acts as a resource in best practices for suicide prevention and mental health illnesses.

Community Engagement Committee: Focuses on analyzing community dynamics, and providing strategies to best engage the community in a conversation on suicide prevention and youth well-being.

Community Education and Outreach Committee: Provides educational information to community members, provides QPR training for suicide prevention, and develops strong bonds with Palo Alto youth through programs and services with the City’s support.

Support Staff: The Administrative Specialist provides administrative support, and maintains active communication with PSN partners, committee members, and community members to ensure that collaborative efforts are widely conversed.