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LETS BC2M Program at Palo Alto High School
LETS (Lets Erase The Stigma) BC2M is a high school program dedicated to erasing the stigma of mental illness by increasing education and awareness, fostering student empowerment, building mentoring opportunities, and encouraging youth to change the perception of mental health in their schools and communities.This student-led club initiative allows all teens the opportunity to learn and explore more about mental health topics in a safe and supportive environment. As students engage and talk about mental health, we allow them to normalize the conversation and eliminate stigma within their community. To join the Palo Alto High School club, contact advisor Jonathan Frecceri.

Nightlight Bay Area
Nightlite is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and breaking the stigma that surrounds the topic. 1 in 5 teenagers suffer from mental illness in the United States. Nightlite’s primary focus is on breaking down the walls that prevent us from talking openly about mental illness, and about spreading awareness of how students can take care of themselves and their own mental health. 

ROCK (Reach Out, Care, Know) at Gunn High School
Gunn’s student-led peer support network known as ROCK (for “Reach Out. Care. Know.”), founded in 2009 in response to student suicides. Through trainings, outreach and activities, ROCK members offer social and emotional support for any student needing a safe and sympathetic ear. Contact Gunn Advisor Paul Dunlap.

Source of Strength Program (Gunn and Palo Alto High School)
SoS is a group of diverse students and adults from many different corners and cultures of our school and community. SoS mission is to ensure that during the rough times no one gets so overwhelmed or hopeless that they want to give up. In addition, their mission is to spread Hope, Help, and Strength into every corner of our community.  Contact Gunn Advisor Paul Dunlap and Paly Advisor Jonathan Frecceri.

Youth Speaks Out (Gunn and Palo Alto High School)
Students in the Youth Speaks Out Art Program at Palo Alto & Gunn High share the experience of being young in our community, through the direct artistic expression of painting, photography, poetry and creative writing, ceramics and sculpture. Contact Carolyn Digovitch

Palo Alto Alumni Dialogues (Local)
Learn about upcoming organized Palo Alto High School and Gunn High School Alumni dialogues on growing-up in Palo Alto and how their lives have changed.

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